Current Team

Ken Wong headshot

Ken Wong
Creative Director


Ken is best known for his work at ustwo games, as lead designer of the Apple Design Award-winning Monument Valley, and co-designer of VR experience Land's End. Ken was previously art director at Spicy Horse (Alice: Madness Returns), and has given talks about art direction and game design at GDC, GDC Europe and D.I.C.E. Europe.

Kamina Vincent headshot<

Kamina Vincent


Kamina is credited in over twenty titles in her role as Producer and Lead QA at Tin Man Games, including Ryan North's To Be Or Not To Be and Warhammer 40K: Legacy of Dorn. She is also heavily involved in the local game dev community, assisting in the organisation of GCAP (Game Connect Asia Pacific) since 2013. In 2016 she won the Creative Inspiration Award at MCV Pacific Women in Games.

Nicole Williams headshot

Nicole Williams


Nicole is a cryptid with a background in graphic design. They are passionate about supporting creators with accessibility needs and approach their work with accessibility as a priority.

Alex Griffin headshot

Alex Griffin


Alex has been quietly involved in the indie game development scene since 2007. A big fan of leaving game projects unfinished, she enjoys coffee, food, going on adventures to places, watercolours, photography, and Nintendo games. Some of her recent work includes the Switch port of The Warlock of Firetop Mountain and Faraway Tea.

Lauren Maslen headshot

Lauren Maslen
Game Designer


Lauren has worked on over a half-dozen commercial releases at Spunge Games in Brisbane including Cartoon Survivor and Faily Brakes.. She has a Bachelor of Games Design with Honours and is credited with designing Hyde, which was awarded the Highest Overall Achievement in Games at the Griffith University Showcase 2012.

Teja Godson headshot

Teja Godson


Teja is an artist and 3D designer. She has worked on titles such as the Sydney-based indie game Boomerang Fu, and was the 3D artist for 2017 AWGIE-award-winning RUMU. She has also created illustration works for ING Australia Bank, the 2017 Freeplay Parallels Showcase, and Gizmodo AU. She has a passion for plants, pets and creating exciting environments.

Mana Khamphanpheng headshot

Mana Khamphanpheng


Mana has been working in the mobile games industry for half a decade. His most recent work includes Rival Stars: College Football, I Am Monster, and the award winning Dungeon, Inc.

Cherie Davidson headshot

Cherie Davidson
Lead Programmer


Cherie has been a programmer, producer, and games midwife for both indie (Untitled Goose Game, Paperbark, Necrobarista) and AAA games (Dreams, Tearaway Unfolded). She's mentored hundreds of student teams while lecturing at RMIT, had the honour of being featured in ACMI's Code Breaker exhibition and chaired the Freeplay Awards (twice!). When she's not organising a schedule or fixing bugs, you can find Cherie digging around in her veggie patch or sipping a double shot soy mocha.

Sean O'Dowd headshot

Sean O'Dowd


Sean has been vandalising the internet with his creations for a while; it's hard to know why. He recently released Calamari Kid and previously worked as part of the independent team Crows Crows Crows, releasing such titles as Accounting VR and Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger and The Terribly Cursed Emerald. To understand Sean's sensibilities further, it's best to visit his website

Dan Galbraith headshot

Dan Galbraith


Dan is a programmer and technical artist who likes wearing as many different hats as possible. He's very tall, and really loves cats. Dan worked at Spunge Games on several commercial releases, has built a number of Serious Games for Queensland universities, and occasionally tutors in a Games Design course. Previously, he worked on a co-op party game about very poor parenting called Think of the Children.

Florence Team

Programmer Sam Crisp, Lead Programmer Tony Coculuzzi,
Producer Kamina Vincent, Creative Director Ken Wong