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Photo: Lexa Francis

Ken Wong
Creative Director


Ken is best known for his work at ustwo games, as lead designer of the Apple Design Award-winning Monument Valley, and co-designer of VR experience Land's End. Ken was previously art director at Spicy Horse (Alice: Madness Returns), and has given talks about art direction and game design at GDC, GDC Europe and D.I.C.E. Europe.

Sam Crisp headshot
Photo: Lexa Francis

Kamina Vincent


Kamina is credited in over twenty titles in her role as Producer and Lead QA at Tin Man Games, including Ryan North's To Be Or Not To Be and Warhammer 40K: Legacy of Dorn. She is also heavily involved in the local game dev community, assisting in the organisation of GCAP (Game Connect Asia Pacific) since 2013. Kam is currently developing a program to mentor students of diverse backgrounds. Earlier this year, she won the Creative Inspiration Award at MCV Pacific Women in Games.

Sam Crisp headshot
Photo: Lexa Francis

Sam Crisp


A graduate of Media Studies and Game Programming at RMIT University, Sam Crisp is the programmer and designer of Movement Study 1, winner of Best Visual Art at the Freeplay Independent Games Festival in 2015.

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Photo: Lexa Francis

Tony Coculuzzi
Lead Programmer


Tony Coculuzzi is a professor and game developer from Ottawa, Ontario who recently made the move to Melbourne. Tony is also the lead developer on Cuphead, an indie game for Xbox One and PC. Tony has been working in games for more than seven years, creating everything from games, to simulations, to development tools. Some of his notable commercial tools include Dialoguer, a visual dynamic dialogue editor and system, and Easer, a visual easing function editor.